Qualmark joins the Global Sustainable Tourism Council as a destination member

GSTC wide updated

Qualmark, on behalf of Tourism New Zealand, has joined the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as a destination member.

Tourism New Zealand is the organisation responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world as a tourist destination, focusing on the 100% Pure New Zealand brand, a campaign that has evolved over the past 20 years to make New Zealand one of the world’s most well-respected and well-known tourism brands.

To ensure tourism enriches home and gives back more than it takes, Tourism New Zealand targets visitors from 15 international markets who they know will stay longer, visit outside of peak season, spend more and visit more regions. Following the global COVID-19 outbreak, Tourism New Zealand was also asked to help support domestic tourism.

Membership positions Qualmark and Tourism New Zealand at an International level as committed towards sustainability and in alignment with the achievement of the sustainable development goals. Membership gives us the opportunity to:

  • Participate in GSTC sustainable tourism training classes and workshops (open to all staff);
  • Help operators enhance their sustainable tourism policies and practices per international standards;
  • Join in global discussions about sustainability and a chance to share at an international level about New Zealand initiatives and best practices.

“Qualmark has had a strong understanding of the GSTC guidelines, including incorporating these when developing our Sustainable Business Awards. It’s fantastic to be working with the GSTC again to help the Qualmark and Tourism New Zealand teams deliver the latest sustainability information to our operators, and showcase best practice tools and resources to assist our tourism operators to sustainable practices,” says Gregg Anderson, General Manager Qualmark.

“With New Zealand’s success in coping with the pandemic, many are taking notice and learning from New Zealand. We’re pleased to have Qualmark again working with GSTC, as they had done previously, and that they and Tourism New Zealand share a desire to harmonize their standards and programs with the GSTC Criteria and our global programs,” says GSTC CEO Randy Durband.