Qualmark COVID Clean Approved

The COVID Clean Approved assessment has been developed by Qualmark exclusively for its members to assess their COVID-19 processes in line with the New Zealand Government’s requirements.  

Members can achieve the COVID Clean Approved certification by demonstrating that they are implementing measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19, thereby providing greater protection for staff and visitors. 

The COVID Clean Approved assessment has been awarded a global Safe Travels Stamp by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in recognition of Qualmark’s efforts to promote strong health and hygiene practices for its members. 

Completing the COVID Clean Approved assessment 

Qualmark members can complete the online self-assessment at www.covidclean.qualmark.co.nz  

The assessment includes information and checklists to help members with understanding the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 advice and requirements. It is compulsory for all Qualmark members to gain the COVID Clean Approved certification.   

To pass the assessment, members must show that they have an understanding of COVID-safe operating practices and how this relates to three key areas:

  • Cleaning Procedures  
  • Business Operations 
  • Staff Practices 

Preparing your business for the COVID Clean Approved assessment  

In preparation for completing the COVID Clean Approved assessment, and to support your understanding of current requirements, we recommend that you view resources and information available via the below websites. The COVID Clean Approved assessment questions have been compiled based on these Government sources: 

During the assessment we also invite members to upload their documented COVID-19 Safety Plan as further proof of their COVID-safe procedures (optional).

How to join Qualmark and become COVID Clean Approved certified  

Qualmark is proudly New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation, providing a trusted guide to quality travel experiences in New Zealand. Currently, fees are waived for all existing and new members. 

As soon as you become a member you will have access to complete the COVID Clean Approved certification, in addition to a number of other exclusive member benefits. You will also have access to our industry experts, known as Tourism Business Advisors, who will offer the latest industry insights and specific tailored advice on how to get the most out of your business.  

To join Qualmark, please fill out an application form. An Account Manager will then be in touch to discuss your next steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at enquiries@qualmark.co.nz or call 0800 782 562 

  • Is it compulsory to complete the COVID Clean Approved assessment?

    Yes - every Qualmark member is required to complete the assessment. At the time of your next evaluation, your assigned Qualmark Tourism Business Advisor will review your assessment results and verify that business operations are being maintained in line with the changing COVID-19 environment.
    Note: We understand and accept that some assessment responses may have changed ahead of your next evaluation.

  • How will visitors know that I have passed the COVID Clean Approved assessment?

    Upon passing the assessment, you will get access to download the COVID Clean Approved logos to display as part of your online presence.

    The logo will also automatically be displayed on newzealand.com product listings for all members who have previously uploaded their Qualmark Award via the Tourism Business Database. Note: it can take up to 24-48hrs for the logo to display on product listings.

    Additionally, a physical certificate will be sent to each member in due course that can be displayed at their business premises.

  • How can I add my Qualmark Award to my product listing(s) using the Tourism Business Database?

    Please follow these instructions to add your Qualmark Award to your product listing(s). You do not need to upload the COVID Clean Approved logo to your product listing(s) - this logo will automatically appear once you have added your Qualmark Award. Please note it can take up to 7 working days for changes to product listings to be approved and made live on newzealand.com.

  • I have multiple businesses licensed with Qualmark - am I required to complete an assessment for each?

    Members are required to complete a separate assessment for each business that they have licenced with Qualmark. If your businesses share the same centralised COVID-19 Safety Plan, please upload this same document for each assessment. 

  • How can I complete questions that may not seem relevant to my business?

    Your answers should be a true reflection of your business operations at the time that you completed the assessment. For instance, if you are a sole operator, or working for a business that does not serve customers onsite, please answer questions with regards to how processes are followed by you, your staff (if applicable) or any external visitors that you may encounter - even if only very few.

    Please be assured that your business will not be viewed adversely should you answer “No” to any questions; this does not necessarily mean that you won’t pass the assessment. However, for questions where you have selected “No” we will provide suggested improvements that can be made to your current procedures to better align your operations with the recommended government guidelines.

  • Can I change my answers after I pass the assessment?

    You will not be able to update your answers once you have passed the assessment. If changes have been made to your COVID-19 processes, these can be discussed with your Tourism Business Advisor at your next evaluation. 

  • What happens if I do not pass the assessment?

    If there are areas that you are required to address before the COVID Clean Approved logo can be issued, you will have the ability to do so before completing the assessment again. We do recommend that action be taken as soon as practicably possible to help protect against COVID-19.

    Once the required actions have been implemented within your business you can access your previous assessment with the answers pre-populated, allowing you to make any changes with ease.

  • How can I log in to the assessment?

    To log in, enter your Qualmark Member Number and the Last Name of your Qualmark primary contact person. 

COVID Clean Approved logo requests

The use of the Qualmark COVID Clean Approved logo is available only for current members that have passed the assessment. If you are a member but have not yet undertaken the assessment, you will receive the logo upon successfully completing the assessment.  

The following guidelines have been created to help you correctly utilise the Qualmark brand. Logos must be reproduced as supplied and may not be altered in any way. Any use of the elements other than that shown must be referred to Qualmark for prior approval.  

To request the COVID Clean Approved logo or to discuss the use of these logos, please contact Qualmark at enquiries@qualmark.co.nz 

Complete the COVID Clean Approved assessment here