Request Qualmark Logos and Templates

Qualmark templates and business tools

Qualmark can provide some great resources and templates for our partners. Below are some examples of templates we can provide, please get in touch with us or your Tourism Business Advisor for copies of these or if there is anything additional you need.  

  • Cancellation policy template
  • Compendium template
  • Media release template
  • Evacuation procedures template
  • Operations manual template
  • Sample cleaning schedule
  • Sample confirmation letter

Business Tools and Logos

Get in touch with us to access some great tools, templates and your Qualmark Sustainable Tourism Business Award logo.

How to add your Qualmark award to your product listing on

All product listings on are displayed in tabsets according to Qualmark awards by default.

Qualmark awarded products display first in the order of Gold, Silver, then Bronze. All non-Qualmark awarded listings show after these with a randomised order. It is important for any business that has a Qualmark award to ensure that they have added it to their relevant product listings for those listings to display as highly as possible in the tab-set ranking.

Please email or call 0800 782 562 to get your Qualmark Account ID sent to you.

Qualmark logo requests

Displaying your Qualmark logo proudly is evidence that your business has been independently validated as a quality tourism business.  It provides instant recognition for customers that your business will deliver a quality experience, while providing piece of mind for far away travel trade.

The following guidelines have been created to help you correctly utilise the Qualmark brand.

The use of the Qualmark logo is restricted to registered participants only. If you are not a licence holder, you must obtain permission from Qualmark to reproduce the logo, or any element of the logo. Any use of the elements other than that shown must be referred to Qualmark for prior approval. Logos must be reproduced as supplied and may not be altered in any way.

To request logos or to discuss the use of these logos, please contact Qualmark at

Qualmark Terms and Conditions