Trees That Count: Growing good together

You can get involved and make it easier for our people to give back while they are experiencing New Zealand.

It’s an easy way to integrate sustainability initiatives within your organisation and align to Qualmark’s sustainable tourism business criteria. You’ll also be supporting New Zealand’s climate change commitments.

About Trees That Count

Trees That Count are an online marketplace matching native tree donations with volunteer tree planting projects across Aotearoa. Each native tree donation is $10. By donating, you are helping back New Zealand’s big backyard and make our country an even more beautiful place, by encouraging domestic and international visitors to donate native trees. Native trees enhance our communities and help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – it's a win-win.   

What’s in it for your business?

  • Grow your sustainability credentials. It’s an easy way to integrate sustainability initiatives within your organisation and align to Qualmark’s sustainable tourism business criteria.
  • Every native tree makes a difference. Track donations and measure the number of trees your customers have donated. You’ll join the Trees That Count funder leaderboard and receive a supporter toolkit to help you spread the word about backing New Zealand’s environment.
  • Mitigate your carbon emissions. Use the tools on the Trees That Count website to estimate how many native trees planted will help to mitigate your CO2 emissions over the next fifty years. Meet your sustainability KPIs while investing in something lasting for New Zealand.
  • Trees That Count do the work for you. They've made it easy for businesses of all sizes to grow a cleaner, greener Aotearoa. Give back to your community by donating native trees to local tree planting projects in your area
  • Connect with your community. Trees that Count will do their best to match your funding to a region of your choice, connecting you to planters in your community. Give your customers even more reason to love your business, with the opportunity to give back at the point of experience.

How you can participate

Tourism New Zealand will provide collateral that promotes and makes it easier for your customers to donate – this includes a unique QR code that will capture all donations via your organisation. People scan the QR code on the collateral to donate a $10 native tree which can be matched to local tree planting project in your area. 

Other ways to participate:

  • Add a Trees That Count tree donation link on your website
  • Switch corporate gifting or incentive programmes to Trees That Count tree gifts
  • Consider directly donating from your business, at a level that suits you

How we can support you

If you’re interested in participating or would like to know more: