Operators missing out on business

Nearly a quarter of Qualmark operators are missing out on business opportunities because they don’t have a listing on www.newzealand.com.

Now Qualmark’s General Manager Cameron Lawrence is encouraging operators to take advantage of the opportunity.  “It’s free and we know from research that Qualmark operators who are listed get nine times more referrals, which are direct clicks from newzealand.com to your website, than those who aren’t.”

He says that about 450 Qualmark businesses don’t have a listing; their listing has expired, has been declined or is incomplete.

“It’s a real missed opportunity especially as it doesn’t cost anything.  People get busy and maybe just don’t get around to listing but it’s the beginning of a new year and I would encourage everyone to get onto this.  It doesn’t take long and there is help available if needed."

“Some people may choose not to be on newzealand.com for whatever reason but a priority listing is one of the benefits of being a Qualmark member and we don’t want people to miss out."

The free listing on newzealand.com puts Qualmark businesses in front of more than 24 million potential visitors each year.  It helps extend a business’s reach to international visitors and also to reach global travel sellers via Tourism New Zealand’s trade travel website.

If you do not have an account in the Operator Database (register.newzealand.com) and need help signing up or creating a listing, see here.

If you need help editing your listing click here.

If you do have a current listing, make sure you have entered your Qualmark Account ID which will display your Qualmark logo, or why not read the top tips to make the most out of your listing.

If you have questions contact us here at Qualmark: enquiries@qualmark.co.nz

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