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Qualmark operators get on average nine times as many referrals as non-Qualmark operators from  It is a really valuable resource.  Overall, there were more than three million referrals to industry in the past financial year.

Now that the vast majority of our members have been assessed under the new criteria, the listings and logos have been updated.  

As we flagged earlier in the year, we are changing the way we prioritise listings.  Gold, Silver or Bronze awards are now being given priority over star ratings.  This change acknowledges the importance of the three Sustainable Tourism Business Awards as measures of quality, which we believe are far more comprehensive than star ratings.

Operators who have a listing that is showing on and have included their Qualmark ID in the Operator Database with awards selected don’t have to do anything. 

How to check your Qualmark listing is showing:

  1. Check your listing on
    • If it shows on the website with your Qualmark information, you are good to go


  2. Sign into your account on
    • Select ‘manage this business’ then ‘edit this listing’
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Qualmark awards section and check that your Qualmark ID is entered and the Selected Awards box is populated
    • If not enter your Qualmark Account ID, click ‘refresh’, add the award, then save the page. You are now good to go.
    • If you need help editing your listing you can click here for a handy guide
    • If you do not have an account in the Operator Database ( and need help signing up or creating a listing see here 

If you have questions about Qualmark, contact us at

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