Membership Process

Qualmark members can proudly display their Qualmark award as evidence their business has been independently assessed as a sustainable quality New Zealand tourism experience.

We recognise that each business is unique in size, capability and resource. Our Tourism Business Advisors conduct each assessment using the Sustainable Tourism Business Criteria with this in mind.

Here's how the process works

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    Apply to Join

    After completing an online application, an Account Manager will get in touch to welcome you to Qualmark and provide you with an information pack. This information pack will introduce you to the evaluation process and what to expect.

    Join Now
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    Your Tourism Business Advisor will then contact you to arrange a date for the evaluation and to discuss what to expect on the day. They will let you know what to prepare and how we can make the assessment a valuable experience for you.

    Criteria Summary
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    On-site evaluation

    Now it’s time for our Tourism Business Advisor to pay a visit and evaluate your business. The visit will take up to three hours, with opportunities for feedback and discussion. We will also identify opportunities to enhance your business and develop an action plan with you to follow until we see you next.

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    Congratulations! Having met the Sustainable Tourism Business criteria, you will receive your award demonstrating your commitment to ensuring a quality New Zealand tourism experience. A report detailing the results of your evaluation, as well as your Qualmark logo to promote your quality assured business will be sent to you.

A Qualmark award is the official mark of quality for the New Zealand tourism industry and joining Qualmark will assure your customers that your business can be trusted to deliver a professional quality experience.

The Qualmark award and the Sustainable Tourism Business Criteria that sits behind it, support you to enhance the quality of what you offer by looking at all aspects of your business. Our Tourism Business Advisors will share industry insights and work with you to identify any areas where improvements can be made, strengthening the experience you offer, bolstering your market position and profile, and attracting more customers. 

Qualmark will help you stand out from the crowd - especially when it comes to growing your profile internationally. 

Qualmark and Tourism New Zealand

Preferential promotion is given to Qualmark members on Tourism New Zealand's website -

Tourism New Zealand works with Qualmark to help the tourism industry deliver quality holiday experiences to visitors and maintain a high level of visitor satisfaction. Tourism New Zealand's offshore teams also work to raise the profile of Qualmark internationally, so that visitors know to look for the Qualmark logo.

As part of Tourism New Zealand’s quality strategy, operators must be Qualmark accredited to take part in Tourism New Zealand's international trade marketing events and offshore trade shows. Tourism New Zealand prefer to use Qualmark members in their itineraries for media and international travel sellers visiting New Zealand.


  • What are the benefits of participating in Qualmark?

    Qualmark is increasing its focus on helping your business be sustainable from a people, planet and profit perspective.  It will do this by not only assessing your business, but working with your business to ensure your business remains competitive and current in the changing operating environment.  

    Through effective partnerships, a Qualmark accreditation will also position you strongly to be considered for future business.  This could be through the profile and exposure you receive by Tourism New Zealand’s preference to partner with Qualmark operators, or by the higher number of active referrals you receive off due to your elevated listing position, or the acknowledgement that your local i-SITE will give you, or by greater inclusion in key trade partners programmes.  While visitors may not say they visit you because you are Qualmark accredited, rest assured visitors have been more exposed to your product via numerous channels due to your accreditation.    

    In addition, Qualmark will share key insights and learnings gained from Tourism New Zealand, including market readiness and product development advice.

  • What happens if I fail to meet the criteria?

    There are certain requirements around your business' environmental, social performance and safety systems that must be met to maintain your Qualmark status.

    Your Tourism Business Advisor will provide you with expert business help and support to meet the criteria and you will be given a period of time to make the changes. The time allowed to make these changes will vary, with some critical requirements given 4 weeks, while other requirements, a period of 3-6 months may be required to make are certain requirements around your business' environmental, social performance and safety systems that must be met to maintain your Qualmark status.