The price of an annual Qualmark licence is based on the size and complexity of your business.  If you are unsure which category suits your business best, or would like to speak to a Qualmark Account Manager please contact Qualmark on 0800 782 562.

Please note: From 1 October 2017 there will be an increase in fees for Qualmark licences.  A $150 increase will be included on the base fee for all categories.  In addition, all new licences for non-existing customers will include a $200 application fee.

Applications received before 1 October 2017 will be charged on current pricing regardless of when the evaluation takes place.

Accommodation Base Fee Plus
Apartment $475.00 $10.00 per apartment
Backpacker $425.00 $3.00 per bed
Bed & Breakfast $475.00 $27.00 per room
Boutique & Lodge $475.00 $27.00 per room
New Zealand Luxury Lodge $475.00 Variable overnight fee
Holiday Home $500.00 $300.00 per additional holiday home
Holiday Park Contact us for pricing
Hotel $850.00 $6.00 per room
Motel $475.00 $10.00 per unit
Student Accommodation $500.00 $3.00 per bed
Venue $500.00 $1.50 per PAX
Endorsements Base Fee Plus Additional Criteria
Visitor Activity $625.00 $20 per FTE* $200 (maximum fee of $400)
Visitor Service $625.00 $20 per FTE* $200 (maximum fee of $400)
Visitor Transport $625.00 $20 per FTE* $200 (maximum fee of $400)

* To calculate your Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Staff

All prices exclude GST

Enter the number of staff of each type you employ, and multiply by the number in each row to get your A, B, and C totals. Add all of these together to calculate your Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff numbers:

Full time staff (   ) x 1.0 = Total A
Permanent part time staff (   ) x 0.5 = Total B
Fixed term/seasonal staff (   ) x 0.4 = Total C
Full time equivalent (FTE) staff A+B+C = Total FTE

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